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Fire Tech Virtual Work Experience

The Fire Tech Virtual Work Experience programme is designed to help you make better career choices by discovering what it’s like to work in the tech industry. The gap between the skills young people need for the world of work and what they are taught at school is growing wider, especially around digital skills. At the same time it is becoming more difficult for companies – and in particular tech companies which are increasingly the engine of our economy – to host work experiences.
Fire Tech is working with our network of experts to help solve this, by creating a new programme of virtual work experiences. These virtual work experiences are effectively controlled simulations of the real thing and are designed to represent what it would be like to join a company in a variety of cutting edge tech industries.

How it works

On our Virtual Work Experience programme, we will show you the tools, projects and feedback that you would get as if you were an entry level worker in a tech-focused business. You’ll tackle realistic, industry-specific projects as part of a team and work directly online with your own human “boss”. You’ll also finish with tangible projects for your portfolio, a complete skills report and a virtual work experience reference. Here are some of the features.

A Live Boss

Meet your real live human boss online. Learn how the programme works. Select your first, industry-specific, tech projects and roles. Your boss will work with you to ensure you achieve your goals.

Live Teams

Get loads of brilliant help and support. Celebrate your successes. Ongoing e-mail and chat support. All meetings and communications are recorded and archived for safety.

Tangible Projects

Project briefs based on real tech industry requirements. Resources and work tools exactly as used by the industry. Access to dedicated FireTech training suite on LearnWorlds as required.

Real Roles

Take on responsibilities with hands-on roles. Like to try something else? Change roles at any point. Finish skills report, a portfolio and a professional reference.

Program schedule

The programme runs either in holiday time (5 days) or after school (5 weeks). Either way, you can expect to spend 20 – 25 hours on your virtual work experience, split between briefings with your boss, team meetings and project work. There are 5 phases of work…



Meet your team. Receive project brief. Conduct Research



Brainstorm ideas. Prioritise ideas. Plan next steps.



Build ideas. Test ideas. Explore was to improve.



Build improvements. Add details. Review progress.



Finalise project. Prepare details. Pitch presentation.

Choose your technology sector

The next step is to select the technology sector that interests you most. Currently Fire Tech runs two Virtual Work Experience programmes – Video Game Design Studio and Creative Design Studio, with more to come. Follow the links for more information and to book your place.

Video Game Design Studio

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Creative Design Studio

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