Virtual Team Building Programs

Mount Tikimanjaro

Adventure Tribes travel up to Mount Tikimanjaro in search of Gold Tiki that could give wealth and power to those who seek them. In this program, the teams must find these valuable Gold Tiki. During the adventure into the mountain, the journey is challenging with uncertainty. Given a map, each team must plan well, starting by having each member on the team for a specific task, having the plan for resources and assessing all risls possible on this journey. With every help they could get, they could work on collaborations and adapt to challenging environment and come home alive.

Global Trekker Japan

Japan is one of the most interesting countries in Asia (from cultural to commercial perspectives). Participants will be put in a team of five to locate 5 interesting cities in Japan. Each city requires the team to hunt for 10 unique items using Google map. Before you reach the city, you are required to unlock the city before given the GPS location.

Bring Forth Your True Colors

Are you baffled by behavior of the people around you? Does your colleagues behave like they are from another planet? Do your children drive you crazy from breakfast to bed time? The module uses personality assessment called What Color is your Brainality?® which identify your personality profile quickly and effectively. This module, played with a game called Silent Tower, is a fun and fascinating approach to understanding yourself and people around you. It simplifies the most complex personalities by making it less confusing for you to understand.

The H@ck3r

The internet world is filled with ”hackers”, infiltrating personal information, creating chaos and causing million dollar lost. Recently a hacker was found in a renowned company and it was believed to be an insider job. Trust and morale among team members were low as many are tracing the cyber world with precaution. Rumors has it that there are still “virus” & “worms” around. You and your team are now put through a test by the renowned cyber security expert Noah MO13 to wipe out the ”bug” once and for all.

Four aces of military

This is a military logistics hub where soldiers are equipped with effective communication device to fight in a battle. You and your team are in charged with producing the communication device to be audited by Col. Lei Ber Ray and his team. For every device accepted you will have a plus point and negative point for those rejected. Once you are done, you have to declare your stand by waving the flag signal to communicate with other logistics hub.

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