The UK's favourite tech courses for kids ages 8 to 17

Fire Tech is the leading choice in tech education for kids. With over 8 years of experience, they have offered online courses to over 80,000 students around the world.

What happens on Firetech courses?

The Fire Tech curriculum team works tirelessly to design new and innovative programmes that give students the best possible experience. That means:

An Interactive Experience

We give students real-time teaching and constant support, while using interactive digital tools like video calls, collaborative whiteboards, and screen sharing. What better way to learn about technology than to use it?

Exciting Conversation

Kids are naturally curious. We love to prompt conversations that help them understand the world around us and develop critical thinking. We might look at examples of how modern companies use robots or wonder how Pac Man got its shape.

Learn Through Play

Kids love our courses because they learn through play. Activities and games are scheduled into the day, and we also include sunshine breaks and movement activities to make sure students do not sit for long period

New Friendships

Real human connection has been a big part of why kids enjoy our courses. In between lessons, they might introduce their pets, talk about the posters in their room or just show their colourful personalities.

A Masterpiece To Take Home

Fire Tech has a project-based pedagogy, meaning everyone graduates from Fire Tech with something tangible that they created to share proudly with family and friends.

I've always wanted to create an app that did restaurant reviews, and I finally got the chance to do it. It was so exciting. Fire Tech makes me think bigger. I'm limitless!
Fire Tech student age 14

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We Recruit From The Best

We select only verified experts, who are passionate about technology and want to make a difference.

Your Child's Safety Comes First

We put child safeguarding as our top priority. All tutors and programme leaders must pass their DBS screening, and we put careful measures in place to ensure students learn in the safest possible environment in class.

They Receive Intense Training

Every tutor receives dedicated training in our pedagogy, as well as subject-specific training to ensure they're all set to inspire our students to learn and create with tech.

Overseen By Expert Educators

Each course is overseen by a programme leader, who is an expert educator with deep experience as a Fire Tech tutor or teacher within the classroom. They are there to observe class behaviour, support our students' wellbeing, and act as point of contact for their parents and families.

Intensive Week Long Courses

Learn in-depth on Firetech’s one-week accelerated remote courses featuring live online tuition from expert tutors, challenging projects, small groups and the latest technologies.


Fire Tech Experiences are short, 1-2 hour online webinar-style tutorials focused on a single amazing aspect of technology, on topics you will love. Jump in and discover something incredible today!

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