Work 1-1 with a top university professor/researcher/scholar or business leader! This program allows students to expand and apply their knowledge of an academic subject in ways not possible within school courses.

Our team includes 105+ professors/scholars/researchers and business leaders from top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, and Columbia.

Paired with our state-of-the-art interactive communications and program management platform,
students are able to collaborate with mentors in an accessible, convenient and organized remote learning environment that replicates in-person communication.

Possible Mentorship Plans


Work as an assistant or collaborator on one of the mentor’s current projects.


Work with your mentor on the creation of a written report which could become a publication.

Research Project

Work on a new research project decided upon by you or together with your mentor.

Deeper Learning

Learn from your mentor to increase your knowledge set and level of expertise.

Pairing world class educational programs with cutting-edge educational technology, Tuding Education provides students with unique mentorship opportunities through an interactive communications platform

Programme Details

Program Length

2-month program including weekly video-chat sessions and continuous email communication.

Session Time

Sessions last about 1 hour and are scheduled to fit both your availability and that of your mentor


Most Mentorships are conducted remotely so that students and mentors can be located anywhere in the world!


Each Mentorship includes 24-hour support from a dedicated program coordinator

Mentorship Program Sessions

We work with highly accredited professionals who are accomplished in their field of work. Students who are enrolled in our mentorship program will go through a rigorous academic plan outlined by the mentors.

The main topic of the program will be planned according to student’s interest and the pace of the sessions will be customized to suit individual student’s needs and academic level.

Requirements / Prerequisites

Students are expected to have an attitude for learning, be able to commit their time to the program, be punctual for classes and have the willingness to receive constructive feedback.

As it is a 1-on-1 session, each program is fitted to suit each student’s academic level. Generally, no academic prerequisites are needed.

How does the Mentorship Program help students to succeed?

  • Students can request a Letter of Recommendation from the professor at the end of the program.
  • The Mentorship Program will differentiate student’s profile from that of the competitive pool, which put them on better placements in University applications.
  • Students get to network with distinguished faculty and the program will be an immense learning opportunity.
  • Students have an early exploration or deeper understanding about specific disciplines and allow them to reflect on their interest and passion on the particular disciplines.
  • Students gain exposure to the global research activities & trends.
  • Students will learn the practical implementation of the theoretical concepts taught.
  • Students will get a taste of the teaching methodology abroad, and familiarize with college-level course, readings, and research methods.
  • Reassurance to university admissions officers that the student is capable of excelling in a challenging, elite university learning environment.
  • Student successfully completes an activity that is likely to be highly prioritized on their Common Application Activities List.

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