Indoor Team Building Activities

Bond 2 Win

This programme helps inspire a winning attitude; individually and as a team, by breaking down invisible boundaries among individuals and fostering a bond to win spirit collectively. The modules in this programme consists of impactful indoor and outdoor simulation; aimed at building Commitment, Communication and Collaboration.

Azulejos Mosaic

An immersive experiential learning programme set back in time when the great Admiral Zheng He sailed the seven seas forging diplomatic ties with ruling kingdoms of that era. Seminar rooms are transformed into a scene of the 15th century and trainers don costumes to recreate the ambience.


Inspired by the concept of “What colour is your brain?”, Salestitude features 4 distinct personalities. These personalities will make an appearances during the programme to demonstrate respective traits. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with them, observe and learn how to win over and successfully sell to these personalities.

Innovate to Win

The brainchild of Professor B. Brainbow (D.B.A, S.Sc.D.), this is a programme that radically shift mindsets and unlock secrets that innovate and transform businesses. Teams will be challenged from all angles to work together to innovate in 4 areas – Product, Process, Promotion and People.

Pizza Miracle

An actual pizza-making programme where producing a delicious pizza is a by-product of the core values that this programme introduces and inculcates. Each team will be tasked with making and supplying pizza guided by the values and best practices of a traditional pizza maker, i.e; Customer Focused, Passion and Efficiency.

Whole in One

Embracing the attitude of a golfer where true discipline is tested, this is a Leadership programme that shapes a leader based on Integrity, Harmony and Humility. Individuals will be greatly challenged by uniting team members despite differences to achieve a common goal.

Outdoor Programs

Wheel Power

A fun and exciting team building programme in the form of a hunt using motor vehicles, traversing the outskirts of the city, giving teams a chance to bond, work together while enjoying the scenic views of road less travelled. Each team will need to go through 20 checkpoints to complete the challenge.

Sunway Hunt

This programme transforms Sunway Lagoon theme park into a TEAM park. Participants will be challenged with all their might; requiring equal and continuous commitment to work as a team during the station challenges and sound strategy during the treasure hunt throughout all 80 acres of the theme park.


Tapping into one of the ready framework of a modern city, this form of hunt utilizes a modern mode of transportation that is ready and running. Teams are to find the best way of reaping the best results by being creative and resourceful while rediscovering sight and sounds of the city.

Warrior Hunt

Teams have to go through 7 challenges where each challenge is filled with important lessons to unleash the power within. Upon the completion of the tasks, teams will need to unlock a puzzle to discover the most important secret that will set them all free!

Heritage Hunt

Hosted in the some of the world’s most renowned historical heritage cities in Malaysia, participants will be able to soak in the beauty and nostalgia of the cities of Melaka, Ipoh and Penang while developing great team spirit through challenges that they will share and win as a team.

Lost Pyramid

Pharaoh Tutgatdawan a.k.a. King Tutga was a peace-loving Egyptian pharaoh during the 18th dynasty. Be the privileged few to receive knowledge of the highest order by helping King Tutga and his team build pyramids set in a specific locations with the right combination of hieroglyphics for the betterment of his nation.

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