Create Visual Stories Using Scratch

Ages 8 - 12

Are you fed up making the same old types of game in Scratch? Why not explore a different use for Scratch and learn to make Visual Stories with narration or simple animation to help tell the story in a new way. There’s always something new to learn when it comes to using Scratch!

Course Overview

Have you ever wanted to tell stories in a visual way? Whether by creating animations or narrated stories with illustrations? Then why not do so using Scratch? Let us show you how to get started and you’ll be creating new stories before you know it.

Scratch is a block-based visual programming language and website targeted primarily at children 8-16 as an educational tool for coding. 

Usually, we think of Scratch as a tool for creating games, but it has far more potential than that. We’ll take you through ideas for how to organise your story, and how to create it, where to find cool artwork or draw your own and how to add narration, multiple scenes or animations to help tell the story.

You may not realise it but there is actually a whole genre of video games, which are made in exactly this way. Perhaps your own creation will become the next great game in this genre!

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For online courses: these require you to have a capable computer to work on and a broadband internet connection. Most PC/Mac computers from the last 5 years will be fine but you can view our recommended detailed system requirements here.

What your child will learn

That Scratch can do more than make basic Video Games

How to plan out your basic story

Where to find reusable images or how to create your own

Adding a new layer of interaction to a story

How to use images and sound to build tension in a story

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