Create Animated and Interactive E-Cards

Ages 8 - 12

In this experience we’ll not only show you how to create amazing cards for your friends and family but also how to share them online so you can share them with anyone!

Course Overview

E-cards are a great way to send personalised greetings to the people you care about. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or sending congratulations on passing a test, a digital E-card is a great way to say you’re sending your special thoughts. You can include animations, interactions and even small games too.

In this fun and light-hearted Fire Tech Experience, we’ll show you some of the cool things you can do with E-cards. We’ll show you how to include quick and easy animations and explain how frame rates and coordinates work.

You’ll be shown how to create interactions using simple code blocks and also how to share your cards with your friends and family.  If you’ve never coded before, no problem. This session will simply focus on the basics to help you design your amazing E-cards!

FireTech Experiences are a new series of short, high interest, fun and engaging tech demonstrations and talks. These are delivered in webinar style, using Zoom, with the main expert tutor showcasing a new interesting aspect of technology and learning. Apart from Zoom, no other downloads are required.


For online courses: these require you to have a capable computer to work on and a broadband internet connection. Most PC/Mac computers from the last 5 years will be fine but you can view our recommended detailed system requirements here.


Learn how interactivity is put into E-Cards and why it can be so effective


We'll show you how to share (send) your project with people so they can view it from any browser


You'll learn how to code the interactivities and animations of your cards

What your child will learn

The basics of animation including frame rates and how they are used in Scratch

Sharing their cards, how to do it and make it successful

The basics of coding flow using sequences and loops to create animations

Basic design theory to do with positioning and layers

Code theory to add interactions to E-cards such as, loops and sequences

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