Build A Virtual Escape Room

Ages 8 - 12

Have you been yearning to create an Escape Room for your friends to try out? Are you desperate to boggle your friends’ brains with the fiendish puzzles you’ve devised? Then why not learn how to build your own Virtual Escape Room in the form of a website. We’ll use simple online tools to plan and create diabolical puzzles that will leave your friends scratching their heads.

Course Overview

With the outbreak of the Pandemic, lots of things that we might have done to pass the time have become unavailable. One thing that lots of people enjoy is trying to solve Escape Rooms. Escape Rooms involve your team solving different puzzles and finds hidden clues to “escape the room.” Virtual escape rooms create a mysterious and dynamic storyline through a remote setting.

In this session, we show you how to use a website building tool to create an awesome Virtual Escape Room of your own!

From planning out the theme, to finding places that can provide high-quality, graphics and video, we’ll take you through the steps needed to get you started in making your own Escape Room Experience. 

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Learn About Virtual Escape Rooms

Learn how you can use a website builder to build your own Escape Room

Learn How To Plan Your Escape Room

We'll talk about ways to plan out your Virtual Escape Room including how to come up with puzzles

Look At Sources For Images, Video & Sound

We'll talk about sites where you can legally get high quality images and other media to use in your projects

What your child will learn

How a Virtual Escape Room can be implemented as a website

How to come up with puzzles that can used in various ways

How to use a website builder to create your Escape Room

Where to find high quality images and other media that can be legally used on your site

How to plan out a theme for your Escape Room

How to add an extra layer of polish to the final product to make it even better

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